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Random Babblings...

Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you’re an asshole.

  • It’s official, goodbye to an old friend….

    Do to life getting in the way, I had to say goodbye to an old friend. My beloved Intruder has found a new owner, a good guy whom I really hope enjoys it as much as I have over the years.

    I wish Bear and his new to him Intruder all the best…..


  • They grow up so fast

    It seems like just yesterday she was a little girl, but now she’s all grown up……


  • Is it Illegal to be a biker?

    Personally, I think no. LVMPD seems to believe otherwise at times.

    As a city, Las Vegas relies on tourist dollars. So when we have events or conventions here, our economy gets a boost. Well every year there is an event called Bikefest. Don’t get me wrong, I know there bad things that happen during this time, and some of them include bikers. That being said, most of the bikers that attend from out of state are here to have fun, participate in events and oh yea, act like tourists by spending some of their hard earned money. So when four guys from San Diego pool some cash and take a trip to Vegas, should they be made to feel they are not welcome?

    Now we all know of or know someone who has had an encounter with Metro, the reports of them seem to never end at times. The events in this article from the November issue of Quick Throttle Magazine fall in line with those other reports we hear so often.

    You hear the statement “Pictures or it didn’t happen” all the time, all the kids are saying it, well I’m here to tell you, this story has pictures, YAY

    Read the article here: Is it illegal to be a biker?

    Thanks to QuickThrottle & TigerLily, you can download & read the 2pg story here: Is it Illegal to be a biker?

    This can’t be happening just in Vegas, so pass the story on to everyone you know, biker or not, it’s only a matter of time until this kind of thing affects everyone.


  • My taxes paid for...

    I understand that local officials need things and maintaining police cars is no easy task.

    That being said, when was it decided that Metro needed custom rims and a hood scoop on patrol cars? Are they trying to fit in with the cool kids?


  •  Thank You Steve

    It is always sad when someone passes. Whether you personally know them or not, there is always that feeling of sadness for their family.

    Well today we are all part of the family that lost someone that meant a lot to all of us. Lets face it, without Steve Jobs in our lives, most of us would have never meet. If you meet someone in person or simply type to them from the other side of the world, if your talking a macs, Apple, iAnything. One of the people you can thank for that is Steve Jobs.

    I personally never had the honor of meeting Mr. Jobs, however, it is because of his vision that I am able to do some of the things I am able to do today. His vision allowed me to meet of of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure to call my friends, no I have not meet some of them face to face, but without Steve, I would probably would have never even had the opportunity to speak to some of them.

    I saw an image that was posted on Twitter that really said a lot to me. I thank @stuhelm for sharing this image.


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